Is everyone judgemental?

Recently I have found myself asking this question more than ever. Does everyone judge people on what they wear, how they look, where there from, who there friends with, hobbies... I could write a huge list of what people judge others on. If judging someone on what they wear is a bad thing, then why… Continue reading Is everyone judgemental?


Body fat percentage

Our body fat percentage is simply the percentage of fat that our body contains. Body fat categories: Men:  Essential percentage: 2-4 Athletes: 6-13 Fitness: 4-17 Acceptable: 18-25 Obese: 25+ Women:  Essential: 10-12 Athletes: 14-20 Fitness: 21-24 Acceptable: 25-31 Obese: 32+ My tips for lowering your percentage:  After recently lowering my body fat from 18% to… Continue reading Body fat percentage