Fake tan routine & review 

Why fry in the sun when you can get a dark tan in as little as a couple of hours? 

My fake tan routine: 

Exfoliate: Its is important to exfoliate  before you fake tan to remove dead skin cells and precious fake tan build up. It will also leave your skin smooth ready for the application. I recommend using the body shops exfoliating gloves. Link- Exfoliating gloves        After exfoliating, I would usually apply moisturiser to the dry areas such as; the elbows, knees, and hands. This fake tan says to not apply any moisterisers before, so I will not be applying any this time. 

  Application: I start by applying from the legs and making my way up. Putting the excess tan on the feet. After applying all over it’s important to wipe your hands on the inside, to get the most natural look as possible.                              Aftercare: I moisturise daily to keep the tan on for longer. 


Bondi sands dark tanning mousse: 

What the tan claims to do: 

Sand, sea and sun the enviable Australian image. Expieriance a sun-kissed Australian tan everytime using bondi sands self tanning foam. Enriched with aloe vera and infused with a scent of coconut, this light weight self tanning foam will leave your skin glowing like a day at the beach. 


After following the directions and leaving the tan on for 6 hours. The directions say that you can wash the fake tan off after one hour, but leave for up to six hours for a darker long lasting tan. I would advise leaving the tan on for longer than one hour, because I left this tan on for one hour previously and there was only the slightest, bit of colour. 

The tan looked great, maybe a bit dark for everyone, but I use fake tan a lot, so it was great for me.  The best thing about this tan is the smell. If you have ever used fake tan before you will know what I mean. This smells exactly like coconuts. The fake tan does not say how long it was meant to last, mine lasted around 3-4 days, before I exfoliated it off. 


I will definitely be using this fake tan again, and more products from this brand. 

The link will be below if you would like to perchase this: 

Bondi sands. Dark tanning foam.
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