Hair burst review 

This review is after one month of taking these hair burst capsules. 

What hairburst claims to do: 

  • Grow longer and stronger hair.
  • Nourish your hair from within. 
  • Improve overall hair health. 
  • Increase hair strength.
  • Improve hairs elasticity.
  • Reduce breakage.
  • Reduces hair fall.  


Take two tablets with a cold drink in the morning before or with your breakfast. 

My opinion:

I have noticed that the growth of hair has been slightly faster than usually, but hairburst do say that for best results you take these tablets for 3 months. My hair has been shinier than usual, and the overall health of my hair has improved. 

I did not have breakage before I started taking the tablets, but my hair does since feel stronger. It definitely does improve the elasticity of your hair as my curls are more tighter than before I started taking hair burst. The amount of hairfall has not changed at all, but maybe you have to take them for a longer period of time. 

The capsules are quite large, so if you do have a problem taking tablets I would recommend the chewable version of these capsules that hairburst now have. 

I hope to update you with another review after a longer period of time taking hairburst daily. 

Buy these now below: 

Hair burst
Holland and Barrett have 40% off the original price at the moment. 

Hair burst (Holland and Barrett)
Has anyone else ever used these? 


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