Testing out eyebrow trends 

The looks that I’m going to be testing out are not for everyone, but let’s learn about the latest eyebrow trends and put them to the test.

Bushy brows: 

The bushy brow is a more natural untrimmed eyebrow. For this look I’m going to be using soap. Just ordinary clear soap. If like me your eyebrows are trimmed you will need something to really push the eyebrows hairs up and that’s what soap does. I took a wet spoolie and rubbed it on the soap and then applied it to the eyebrows in an upward direction.

The faded ‘Instagram brow’ 

This trend has been popular for years now and this is wear you make the eyebrows at the start lighter than the ends. For this trend I will be using the Anastasia Beverley hills pomade in dark brown to define the eyebrows. When drawing the eyebrow on you must remember to go light handed at the start of the brows this will give the faded look. After I had defined the brow I used the body shop eyebrow powder to fill in and make the eyebrows darker at the ends and then brushed everything together. I then used the rimmel brow this way setting gel in brown to set the hairs in place. I then outlined the underneath of the brow with Nars concealer in light(2) in vanilla.

The feather brow:

The feather brow is the one of the latest brow trends, where your eyebrows are separated through the middle and brushed out to look like a feather.

For this trend I’m going to be separating and brushing my eyebrows out with Benefit ready set brow gel in clear. Then when they are set in place I will be using the same brow promade to add more definition to the feathered brows.

The results:

The full brow: 

The full brow trend is where the eyebrow is full from start to finish to create this eyebrow trend I used the Anastasia brow promade to draw hair like strokes on the sparse areas. I then used benefit ready set to gel in clear to hold everything in place.

My results: 
My opinion:

I would not create these looks on a daily basis, but I had fun testing them out. The looks was easy to achieve, except not having long eyebrows for the feather brows. I wonder what the next trends will be? Tag me in your photos I would love to see what you create.

Products used with links: 

Eyebrow promade
Benefit brow gel
Rimmel brow gel
Transparent soap
Eyebrow brush
The body shop eyebrow powder

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