Blonde to brown 

For everyone who’s hit the bleach in a bid to get the blonde hair they have always wanted, and then regret it, or maybe you just want to learn more about hair colouring.

So you have your blonde hair and wanted to go brown. The next step to think would be the condition. Even though darkening hair is much less damaging than lightening hair, it is still a double process for the hair on most blonde colours.

Not a lot of people now that before you go brown you have to fill your hair with a pigment colour. This is because whilst you was lightening your hair the pigments have been removed. For example dark brown hair has a lot of red undertones that have been removed from the hair whilst lightening, which will need to be put back in, before your disired colour.

Hairdressers do colour fillers so that the hair does not have a green tone ( yes, your hair can go green if you don’t add the pigment colour)

For the photo at the top:

The blonde hair was coloured with a copper blonde colour(7.4) and a low developer, leaving out the root as this was already brown.  I then applied a natural brown(5.0) which turned out a rich brown colour.

Things to think about: 

  • Hairs health: If your hair is damaged you may be best getting it done by a professional.
  • The colour will fade as the hair was previously bleached, and will be more porous.
  • You most possibly won’t be able to have an ash brown colour. This is because an ash tone is green which will make previously bleached hair appear green.

 My turn: 

After experimenting for years on my own hair, I have definitely done many blonde to brown colours. Mainly to give my hair a brake. Everytime I have done this it has not been overly damaging, but I often did use Olaplex which I highly recommend.

For the photo below a red toned hair colour filler was used as my desired colour was dark.

Thanks for reading.

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